Saturday, June 12, 2010

the gulf needs a good idea too

I don't understand why they have not sealed off the hole (pipe) which is spewing the oil/gas.  It's 5,000 ft from the water level down to the seabed.  The broken pipe, cap etc is at the seabed floor.  The pipe then goes down another 10-13,000 ft through the seabed to the oil reservoir.  Simply put some explosives 1 or 2 thousand feet down into the seabed around the pipe, and implode it.  This would cause the surrounding seabed to collapse around and fill the hole (at least partially enough to seal it).  Woudn't that work?  What are your ideas?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A new blog, what we need is good ideas for NJ!

It's about time. Here's a blog where anyone who has an idea to help New Jersey improve, save money, econmize, change laws or policies, cut down redtape, solve problems and more, can express themselves. Here's a way for you to share your good ideas and be heard. The purpose of the blog is to collect good ideas and make them known to our lawmakers, politicians, regulators, businesses, organizations, families and more, whether on a local, regional or state-wide basis. Anyone who submits a cogent idea, that can be tested and can work, will get full credit for their idea. The hope is that bloggers will help improve, refine and vet ideas, so that they can be presented in a reasonable form (email, letter, phone call etc.) to those in power or authority who can make the idea work.